10 Overlooked Ways to Generate Content Ideas

Stumped for ideas? It never fails to happen at least once in a while to just about every Internet marketer and publisher out there. They call it writer’s block and it’s not a big deal, at least it’s not a big deal if you don’t let it be.

To help you out the next time you run into that lovely roadblock, here are ten overlooked ways to generate content ideas. (Hint: you can use them even when you’re not suffering from writer’s block. They can help keep your content fresh and unique.)

  1. FAQ’s – What questions do you commonly hear from your prospects, readers, customers and community?
  2. Social Networking Comments – Take a look at social networking comments you’ve received, especially those that were related to any of your previous content either posted on or linked from your social networking page or profile.  For example, if you post a link to an article on your website and receive comments, use those comments as the foundation for more content.
  3. Social Networking Feedback – How many times have you posted long-winded comments to other people’s posts, links and comments? You can use those comments to create new blog posts or articles.
  4. Competitions’ Posts and Articles – Head on over to your competitions’ website or blog and read what they’ve been up do. (You should be doing this occasionally anyway.) Take note of any content that you feel you can improve on, expand upon or disagree with. Create an article or blog post that supports your opinion and viewpoint.
  5. Magazine Headlines – Grab a magazine from your coffee table and take three headlines right from the cover. Replace their keywords with your keywords and write an article. For example, 19 Great Places to Live can become 19 Great Ways To Find Budget Coffee Pots.
  6. In The News – Take a look at the headlines. Chances are, regardless of the industry you’re in, you can find headlines that relate to your niche and your audience. The economy, celebrity news, you name it – you can find something to inspire an article or blog post idea.
  7. Existing Content – Take a look at your existing content. How can you refresh it and make it relevant? For example, if you have a “Top Ten for 2010” article can you update it and create a “Top Ten for 2011” article?
  8. Controversy – What controversy is in the ether right now? There’s always something or someone stirring the pot. If it fits your personality or if you have an opinion about the controversy, add your two cents.
  9. Your Experiences – What’s new with you? What industry related experiences have you had lately? Sharing personal stories is something that is always relevant and if you can tie it into a product promotion or provide valuable information to your reader, then take advantage of that with content.
  10. Images – Finally, if you really have nothing to say or write about, publish a fun photo, comic or image and share. Many people love to see inspiring or funny photos. Be sure to credit the source, though!

Writer’s block happens. Don’t sweat it. Keep these ideas in your back pocket and when you’ve finished meditating, pull out this handy list, find an idea that fits your needs and start writing.

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