3 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid On Facebook

content marketing mistakes

Content marketing mistakes are easy to make in this field that is growing by leaps and bounds – and for good reasons! First, the number of high-quality content creation tools you have at your fingertips. And second, the ability to place your content in front of a large audience very quickly.

One such medium for distributing your content to a large audience quickly is the social media giant… Facebook!

Facebook with its more than one (1) BILLION users, gives you the best opportunity to get your message across to as many people as is possible and in the least amount of time.

However, to ensure that you are using Facebook to its full potential, there are a few content marketing mistakes to avoid in order to keep from losing potential consumers.

Content Marketing Mistakes: Shotgun Approach 

content marketing mistakesDon’t use the “shotgun” approach when it comes to content marketing on Facebook. You must personalize your Facebook marketing to be effective.

Content marketing on Facebook works best when you offer a personal look at the person or the business behind the marketing. Listen, please. People do not want to read yet another impersonal marketing piece or sales pitch on Facebook.

People will like your Facebook page best when it represents you or the people behind your company, thus building dialogue between you and they, as well as the people and businesses they follow.

Businesses on Facebook that focus on cultivating personal relationships through their site are much more successful at content marketing, and make fewer content marketing mistakes, than those that do not.

Content Marketing Mistakes: Giving it All Away

content marketing mistakesSuccessful content marketing on Facebook means giving your followers just enough of what they want. Flooding your followers with repetitive offers and look-alike products will get you nowhere, fast!

Using a product such as HootSuite, for example, to schedule a steady trickle of non-sales oriented content updates works great for keeping your followers informed. However, always be sure that you keep sales offers to a minimum.

Another method for keeping your Facebook updated with interesting content and conversations, is via your status updates imported from your Twitter account, LinkedIn or other social networking sites. A word of caution here, if you have all your accounts linked together, then you may end up with redundant postings.

This is called “Social Inbreeding”, where you have redundant messages across multiple channels. This is obviously not a good thing but a bad thing, due to the number of repetitive postings. Your audience will get turned off by this so if you do not post different updates on each individual channel, then you may not want to interlink accounts.

Also, if you update hourly, then you run the risk of filling your pages with hundreds of lengthy articles, pictures, etc; etc. The end result is, you overwhelm your readers with too much too soon.

Most people on Facebook, as well as some businesses, spend quite a bit of time at the site. However, what they won’t do is spend it all on your pages.

To obtain the most followers as possible, without scaring them away by a barrage of updates, strike a balance between new content and networking with different Facebook members. Going out and networking with others will help with building a following greater than stuffing your pages with as much content as possible.

Content Marketing Mistakes: Remember Your Readers

content marketing mistakesWhen it comes to content marketing effectively on Facebook, just as it is on your blogs, it is important to remember your readers. They aren’t on Facebook to work, unless they are a business, they’re there for a little bit of recreation.

Your updates don’t necessarily have to be “touchy-feely” or even humorous, but it pays to look at it from your reader’s point of view. For instance, if you were surfing through Facebook and stumbled upon your pages, is there anything there that would cause you to read further?

  • Is your content/page difficult to navigate?
  • Does it make your reader stand-up and take notice?
  • Does it make them want to know more about you?

If not, than you may want to reconsider what it is you are doing on Facebook. Think: “What would it take to get and keep YOU engaged and interested in the content on Facebook?”

Other ways to grab and keep your reader’s interest on Facebook, include how-to videos and contests. The general rule thumb is this: If you can shock, entertain, inform, educate and/or appeal to their sense of self-interest, then you can succeed at content marketing on Facebook.

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Until next time, be good to yourself!



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