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How to Increase Click-Through Rates

writing irresistible headlines

Writing irresistible headlines is a skill you must master if you are to get more people to click-through to your site and read your content. Take a look at websites like Cracked and BuzzFeed, for instance, and you’ll discover that they write amazing headlines that you cannot help but click on to see what’s behind them.

If you want to get the same click-through rates as other top writer’s in your niche, then learn how to write great headlines like they do. Here’s some ideas you can use to begin writing attention grabbing headlines.

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Writing Irresistible Headlines

#1. Use Numbers in Your Headlines – Top 10 lists are always popular for getting click-throughs, as are “#10 Ways to do <blank>”. It doesn’t really matter what number you choose, although 10 has a history of getting more results.

writing irresistible headlinesWhy do using numbers in your headlines work?

Numbers have a way of triggering a person’s mind as if reading a list. Once a person starts reading or thinking about a list, they most often start to what?

You guessed it…

They start checking down (off) the list. It’s a naturally occurring human impulse, and that is reason why using numbers in your headlines works so well.

One other thing, the actual number (i.e. “4”) works better than the word “Four”.

#2. Use Killer Adjectives in Your Headlines – Using adjectives (a word that describes, like “Killer”) is great for making people want to click on your headline. Adjectives include words such as:

  • Massive
  • Awesome
  • Incredible
  • Irresistible
  • Tremendous
  • Street-Tough
  • Unbeatable
  • Astounding
  • Unexpected
  • Crush
  • Cutting Edge
  • Breakthrough, and many others!

When adjectives are crafted well with the words your buyers are searching for, then your headlines are almost impossible not to click on. Again, look at Buzzfeed and Cracked to see what sort of headlines they are creating and then mimic their style.

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#3. Make Your Headlines Stand Out From the Crowd – Search for words that are missing from your competitors headlines and use them in yours. Even better, make your headline AND your article as unique as humanly possible in order to stand out from all the other millions of websites.

If you are using the same type headlines as your bigger competitors, then you WILL lose no matter how much you believe that you are writing irresistible headlines.


Because they have more writers, more money and more experience at driving traffic to their site. This is reason why you need to stand out as much as possible, and using words that they are not is a good way of doing this.

This is where a good Thesaurus comes in handy!

#4. Make a Bold Promise – Obviously, if you make a bold promise then you must be able to back it up. Follow through on your promise by delivering a product or service that does exactly what you say it will.

For example, suppose you wrote this as your headline:

How to Lose Weight by Eating More“.

This is a headline that people would definitely click on because people that want to lose weight also want to eat.

How would you deliver on such an enticing promise?

Simply by making the article about eating negative calorie foods, like celery for instance, or any foods that burn more calories eating them than they actually provide.

Here’s a few examples of bold promise headlines:

  • Finally a Solution to [blank]!
  • How to do [blank] in 90 days Guaranteed!
  • The Only [blank] You Need to Solve [blank]!
  • How to Get Rid of [blank] For Good!
  • How to Stop [blank] in 60 Days or Less!
  • The Ultimate Guide to [blank]!
  • Never Suffer From [blank] Again!

One of the things that I do when writing bold promise headlines, is to think of the pain or suffering that my ideal readers want to get rid of. Next, I insert these words as either the problem I’m going to help them solve or the pain that I’m going to help rid them of.

Again, never make a promise that you cannot back up. If you do, then your online reputation is toast!

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Final Thoughts

Writing irresistible headlines is not rocket science. It’s more about doing your research to discover which words your niche market are searching for, and then incorporating them into your headlines to increase your chances of them clicking through to your site.

And this is what separates the winners and the losers when it comes to writing irresistible headlines:


writing irresistible headlinesLet me ask you this…

“What if you had the ability to get inside your buyers mind and know exactly what it is that they are looking for?”

Wow…that would be incredible, right?

This is what research does: it gives you insights into what your readers are looking for; solutions to their problems.

Without in-depth research, then you’re simply slinging mud on the wall to see what sticks – which is time consuming and costly!

In addition to using numbers and adjectives in your headlines, as well as making your headlines stand out from the crowd and making a bold promise, be sure to perform the research required to know which words your niche are searching for so that you can incorporate these into your headlines.

Question: What methods do you use for writing irresistible headlines?

God bless,


PS: Thank you for commenting and for sharing this post!

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