5 Email Marketing Tips for Better Email Performance

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Email marketing is one of the greatest tools to come with the Internet, but it’s also one of the biggest time wasters. Seriously, a number of hours are wasted each day doing nothing but sifting, sorting and sending email.

However, if you will take the time to implement a few simple processes, then you’ll discover much better email performance.  Here’s 5 email marketing tips to help you do just that.

Email Marketing Done Right

Have a Plan

The #1 mistake I see people make when it comes to email marketing, is that they tend to make it up as the go along.

Instead of a plan for processing and responding to emails, they tend to handle it in an ad hoc fashion.

Guess what, if you have employees chances are they do the same.

This is a terrible way to process email, yet it’s the way the vast majority of people do it.

If you want better email performance, than you must get organized.

Try the following…

Segregate Your Email Addresses

Your business should have several emails that go to different people, such as a virtual assistant, who specialize in responding to those kinds of emails. For instance:

  • Media Inquiries: media@example.com
  • Investor Relations: IR@example.com
  • Customer Support: support@@example.com
  • HR & Employment: jobs@example.com
  • All other inquiries: info@example.com

This works very well at ensuring that the right person receives the right email.

Instead of you the business owner being the hub upon which all other “spokes” revolve around, you become the person at the top of the organizational chart.

If using a virtual assistant(s) to manage your emails, be sure that fully understand how to sort, sift, prioritize and respond based to your exact specifications.

The “Zero” Inbox

Many years ago while working for a direct-marketing firm, I adopted the “do not handle twice” paperwork policy.

In other words, each time I received a new piece of paperwork, I did not set it down until it was acted upon and completed.

In very few circumstances was there ever any exceptions to this rule.  The same holds true for your inbox.

Each time you get an email, process exactly what actions need to happen in order for that email to be “complete.”

If it’s a resource, file it in a resource folder.

If you’re waiting on something that is completely unavoidable, then file it under a “waiting for” file.

Make it your ambition to clear out your inbox every day.

Figure out what actions need to be done to mark an email as finished, then either file the email or complete the action.

This relieves a lot of psychological weight.

If you’re like most people online, you’re probably receiving hundreds of emails each day from newsletters you’ve subscribed to, RSS feeds and other sorts of crap.

If you find yourself deleting them without ever opening them, or letting them pile-up in your inbox, then unsubscribe from them!

Use Email Templates

Over time, you’ll discover that the majority of emails you receive are going to be very similar.

Perhaps 80-90% of the emails you respond to will be very similar to emails you’ve responded to in the past.

Instead of re-typing the same “canned” response each time, design several email templates for these types of inquiries.

Be sure to add a personal touch when responding, but utilize email templates to save time and effort.

Incorporate Other Tools

People use email for all kinds of things that email was never designed for.

People use it as a file storage medium.

People use it as an instant messenger.

People use it as a brainstorming tool.

Instead of cluttering your mailbox with these different things, use different tools.

Use Dropbox for file storage, use Skype for instant messaging and use Mindmeister for brainstorming.

This can help decrease a lot of the noise that people experience in their email inbox.

I hope you have found these email marketing tips very helpful. If you enjoyed this post, let us know by sharing it with others online and by leaving your comments below.

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