5 Tips for Writing Blog Content Quickly

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writing blog content quickly

Running a successful blog is mostly about writing blog content quickly and consistently. There is a direct correlation between the amount of content you write and the number of visitors you get. Great bloggers are able to write blog content more or less on cue. The question is… How do you develop this skill?

Writing Blog Content Quickly

  • Keep a Running List of Potential Topics

On your computer, a personal notepad or on your cell phone, you should have a running list of potential topics that you can write.

Whenever you have an idea for a potential post, write it on this list.

Whenever it comes time for writing blog content, simply sit down at your computer and start writing.

With a running list of topics from which to draw upon, writer’s block should not be an issue.

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  • Begin by Writing Out Your Sub-Points

Once you have your topic, begin with the main points.

Brainstorm all the different things you want to address and quickly jot them down.

Writing your main points first will help structure your thoughts, allowing you to move from one topic to the next smoothly.

Trying to write from top to bottom without an outline is very difficult.

  • Write Quickly and Without Editing

Once your outline is finished, write…fast!

Do not edit and do not worry about spelling or grammatical errors as you write.

Write in your natural, conversational voice.

The goal here is to tap into your natural flow of conversation.

Also, try not to filter yourself.

Between writer’s block and being “in the flow,” there is very little middle ground.

Either you are writing quickly, or you are not writing at all.

In other words, do not try to write slowly or you will probably come to a halt.

Instead, just speed through your first draft and then come back and edit afterwards.

More Tips For Writing Blog Content Quickly

  • Find Inspiration

If you ever are stuck for tips or sub-points, find inspiration from other bloggers.

Perform a search to find out what kinds of tips other people are giving in your industry.

Look for titles similar to the one you are using.

Hop over to other popular blogs in your niche.

What creative ideas have others shared?

Make sure you put your own twist to whatever ideas you use for inspiration, and never plagiarize someone else’s work!

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  • Find Your Passion

Writing blog content quickly is much easier when you are writing about something for which you are passionate.

Is it possible to write blog content about something for which you do not have great interest?


However, it is more difficult, less enjoyable and your lack of passion will become obvious to your readers.

Final Thoughts

writing blog content quicklyThese tips on writing blog content quickly will help you get your writing speed up.

All else being equal, a blog that publishes five times a week is going to get much more traffic than a blog that publishes once or twice a week.

Not just five times the amount of traffic either – it is exponential!

Updating your blog regularly is simply a requirement to a successful blog.

Question: What has helped you personally to create content quicker?

God bless,


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