6 Tips for Using Social Groups to Understand Your Audience

Understanding Your Audience

Using social groups are great way to understand your audience. Social groups and communities within Facebook and LinkedIn, for instance, give you ample opportunities to discover aspects about your customers that you may not learn elsewhere. Another place worth mentioning is delphiforums.com – you can explore your interests in thousands of public forums and host your own community. It’s quick, simple, and free!

Understand Your Audience Using Social Groups

Following are 6 tips you can use to help you better understand your audience. To ensure your success, tackle each one at a time and then move on to the next.

1) Notice the Questions Asked – In most groups that are established already, people will start asking questions. Often the same questions are asked over and over again.

It won’t take long before you notice a pattern of the questions. Collect the questions into a spreadsheet. You can use them as information to help you write a blog post or even an entire information product.

2) Pay Attention to the Discussions – When a discussion is happening in a group, especially if it’s getting heated, pay close attention. You can get a lot of information about your audience by how they act when a disagreement is taking place.

What side does the group fall on? This is great information to have which you can also save and use as information to help you write blog posts, information products and even books.

3) Show Yourself as an Expert in Groups – A great way to help you understand your audience better is to answer the questions asked, and show yourself as the expert you are. Once people see you as an expert they’ll come to you to ask questions, and that will help you get even closer to your audience.

More on using social groups to understand your audience…

4) Start Your Own Groups – A great way to get to know your own audience, as well as understand them better, is to start your own group. It’s easy to do this in places like LinkedIn as well as Facebook.

Once you start your own group, you’ll need to use the information gathered elsewhere to market the group so that you can get even closer to your audience.

5) Conduct Polls – Within the groups you can conduct polls that will help you answer questions about your audience. These will help you with creating marketing materials that gets results.

All marketing materials work best when they’re laser focused on the target audience. No matter what marketing materials you create, always focus on the value you can add to your audience.

6) Host a Live Event – Facebook is great for hosting live events. If you warn people in advance, you’ll be able to attract more of your ideal audience to the event.

This event will enable you to hear more questions that will help you get ahead. And the questions people ask is what you need to answer in your materials to add value to your audience.

Questions people ask are so important, in fact, that when I attend live events or even webinars, they are mostly what I write down in my notes.

Once when I was attending a $5,000 a person live event in Atlanta years ago, a person sitting next to me asked if I was enjoying the event. To which I replied, “Why yes, I am enjoying the event very much. Why do you ask?” The person said they noticed that I wasn’t taking many notes as their reason for asking. I informed them that I was writing down the questions the attendees were asking, and that this is the main reason why I attended events like this.

How much would you be willing to pay to know what your audience is thinking?

Getting involved with social groups online is a great way to better understand your audience. When you can understand your potential customers in a meaningful way, you’ll be able to answer their questions and create better products for them because you understand their pain points and problems better.

What do you do to better understand your audience? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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