7-Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

How to make your blog stand out from the others


What is it that sets successful bloggers apart from the millions of blogs that ultimately fail online? The answer is simple, it’s their habits.

Successful bloggers all have winning habits that help them push their blogs to success.

To that end, here are a few tips you can use to create a successful blog…

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Seven Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

1). They Know How to Roll With The Flow

Amateur bloggers often suffer from perfectionism, so they have trouble getting content out.

Amateurs write in a way that “feels” stiff and self-conscious, as if they were afraid to just let it out to the world.

Successful bloggers know how to roll with the flow, even when it doesn’t sound pretty.

They write in a conversational tone, as if they were having a conversation with their readers.

2). They Write a LOT of Content

Successful bloggers generally publish several times a week, if not every day.

They keep their blog posts scheduled so that they’re never in a rush to create a post.

They research their topic well and create content that adds value to their readers.

Unsuccessful bloggers publish once every so often, they don’t research well and they don’t add value.

3). They Use Real Examples

Unsuccessful bloggers tend to publish very conceptual articles. Instead of personalizing their content to fit their readers, they speak in general terms trying to address everyone.

Successful bloggers on the other hand tend to use real-life examples.

They especially tend to use real-world examples from their own personal experiences.

People love reading about what’s actually working, along with real numbers or graphics to back it up.

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4). They Share What They’re Learning

Surprisingly, bloggers that try to position themselves as “gurus” don’t tend to do as well as bloggers who admit their flaws.

Some of the most successful blog owners I know admit to constantly learning and honing their craft.

These bloggers share what they’re learning with other bloggers. They share their failures as well.

They share their shortcomings and often ask their readers for help.

They’re human.

People who fail at blogging share nothing they learn with others, fearing the competition they may create.

5). They Reach Out to Others

Successful bloggers aren’t afraid to reach out.

  • They reach out to other bloggers to write guest posts
  • They reach out and ask for backlinks
  • They reach out to ask if they can interview people.

People who fail at blogging often feel like they’re bothering people when they consider reaching out.  They often suffer from the fear of being told ‘No’, or rejection.

Bloggers who succeed realize that all bloggers are part of the same community. They are happy to both give and receive help.

6). They Use Social Media

Successful bloggers use social media extensively, often investing in custom social media design, headers and logos.

They’re use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, as a means to connect with their audience and build a community around their blog.

These bloggers don’t treat social media as a link building strategy or as a chore.

Social media is just one more way they connect with their readers.

7). They Put Themselves on The Line

Bloggers who succeed care about their blog and their readers.

They aren’t just implementing a bunch of internet marketing techniques trying to sell somebody something.

They’re actually putting themselves on the line by:

  • Revealing who they are in their blog
  • Investing in the blog’s success
  • Spending their nights and days thinking about blogging

Blogging success can be yours, if you are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

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Final Thoughtssuccessful blogging

These are the seven habits of highly successful bloggers:

  1. Learn to roll with the flow
  2. Create a LOT of valuable content
  3. Use real-life examples, statistics and graphics in your content
  4. Share what you learn with others
  5. Reach out to other bloggers in your community
  6. Put social media to work for you, and most of all…
  7. Put yourself on the line (be real, human)

Start developing these habits and your blog will become much more successful.

Question: “Which of these habits are you strongest in?”

God bless,


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