8 Simple Rules for Creating Content Rich Websites

content rich websites

Creating content rich websites is your best option for achieving success online. Creating websites with useful and informative content will also create reader loyalty and search engines will love you for it!

If you’ve ever had trouble creating high quality content for your blog or website, or simply uncertain of what to write, here’s a few pointers to help get you going.

Rule #1: Never Begin Writing With a Blank Page (Okay? Never!)

Beginning your writing project with a blank page is like the “kiss of death”blank page
when it comes to creating content rich websites. With good article writing templates available online at relatively low cost, there is no reason for not including these in your content creation arsenal.

Writing templates help you in a variety of ways, but the main reason is that they keep you focused on what you need to write from one step to the next. If you do not already own writing templates then I encourage you to get them, now!

Rule #2: Don’t Create Content When You Can Steal It (Legally)

Having a good quality swipe file is almost like having a license to steal! No more spending hours trying to create content from scratch, when you can simply use content from your swipe file! Just think of all the TIME you’ll save by beginning your writing project with a good quality writing template, fill in the blanks with swipe file content, then personalize the content by adding your own words!

Time is your greatest asset, this is especially true when it comes to creating content rich websites! You simply do not have the time to come up with all the content and content ideas you are going to need on your own. In addition to using writing templates, be sure to also include good quality swipe files to pull content from.

Rule #3: Become The “Go-To” Person,

People come to the Internet, your website, in search of solutions to their problems. Therefore, by creating content rich websites that provide answers to your site visitors problems you become the “Go-To” person; authority. This is reason why you ALWAYS put your site visitor’s interests before your own; to become an authority in your niche.

Rule #4: Stick With What You Know

stick to itObviously, since you either have or are going to setup a website, than it means you must know something about your chosen interest. For instance, if you’re selling Private Label Rights (PLR) then you should stick with writing about PLR. Surprisingly, there are a number of people who know absolutely nothing about PLR and would be more than glad to read what you have to say before buying.

Sticking with writing about what you know will also help you with Rule #3.

Rule #5: Research, Recreate and Re-purpose

Creating content rich websites involves a lot of research. You must know what content your target market is searching for if you want to create content they are more likely to find, and read, online. Also, by performing keyword searches your target market is most likely to use, you will also discover some of the top websites providing similar information.

Taking any useful information you may find elsewhere, recreating (re-writing) and then re-purposing it is not a crime; or even unethical. Many of the top bloggers you find when performing keyword research do this, they just won’t tell you that they do.

Also, many times you will find useful content that is either in bullet or list form. Take this information, rewrite it into your own words, then weave it into your existing content to create completely new content.

Rule #6: Ask Your Audience

There are many ways of creating content, but perhaps none better than simply asking your audience. Simply create a survey using an app such as Survey Monkey and ask site visitors what they want you to write about.

Or, create a multiple choice questionnaire and ask site visitors to pick one answer from a list of several known issues related to their niche. The highest rated answer will give you a good indication of what people want.

Want to create even more content?

Then why not create a “AskYourNameHere.com” site or web page? The questions generated at this site will give you plenty of potential content to use for your content rich website!

Have you ever considered using comments that you receive at your blog as content? If you have a particularly good comment received in response to one of your posts, then use that comment as your opening and build or expound upon it.

Rule #7: Don’t Recreate the Wheel

If while performing research you should come across a recreate the wheel
particularly well written article pertaining to your niche, and you will, there is nothing prohibiting you from reprinting it. Obviously, you’ll need to include a link back to the original author, but it’s worth the outbound link if the article really adds value to your website. You can search for re-printable content at article directories such as EzineArticles and GoArticles.

Rule #8: Multiply Your Efforts

If you have a readership that is passionate about the subject matter of your website, then many times they can be your best source for content. This is made possible by adding a forum to your site. It may be a hassle at times moderating all the comments coming in at the forum, but if you need a lot of content and content ideas quickly, then this is the way to go.

These are my 8 simple rules for creating content rich websites. If you are need of content, content creation ideas, or simply better ways of creating content, than put these rules to good use today. Doing so will help you to create a site where people come to for answers to their problems, making you an authority or “go to” person in the process.

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