Who Is James Artre?

Content Strategist: An individual who analyzes, plans, writes, edits, distributes, manages and monitors content throughout its life cycle.

James Artre is founder, owner and chief content strategist at Artre Int’l.

He is best known within the marketing industry for his ability to break down difficult marketing processes into “doable” bite-sized pieces.

James is a plain spoken man who doesn’t dilly-dally around with “fluffy” ideas when it comes to marketing. Nor does he write fluff or filler, or offer any while conducting strategy sessions with clients.

James’ work is not cheap and nor are his fees. However, they are affordable to those who truly understand the value of content and the power it has to transform your business.


James’ career path is an interesting one:

  • He started his direct-marketing career over 30 years ago while working the night shift as a production manager for a Direct Mail marketing firm. Pouring over massive amounts of copy each day while checking for accuracy, completeness and readability, taught him what great copy looked like and how it should read.
  • Working as a distributor for the world’s largest direct sales operation, taught him the psychology behind buyer resistance. Instead of trying to force a person into something that was not right for them, he learned how to create sales by offering a solution specific to the consumer’s need.
  • Incorporated what he learned offline into the online world, by bringing integrity to the content creation process as it relates to the buyer’s needs.

NOT a “guru”

James absolutely detests the label “Guru”, preferring instead to be just a man who helps solve people’s problems.

Although he has an education in marketing to go along with his many years of experience, he long ago realized that the key to success lay in solving people’s problems with the best possible solution.

If your consumer base has an issue for which you have a legitimate product or service that solves their problem, then you owe it to them to get your message across in a way that addresses their needs and removes their fear of buying. – James

Creating compelling copy is not rocket science. However, it does require that you have the ability to remove buyer resistance – which most marketers cannot do.

Your content will not deliver sales unless it removes buyer resistance. This is where most marketers fail. – James

This is the very foundation upon which you build a successful business using content.

This is where James can help.

If you want to create content that attracts, retains and grows your audience, content that adds value to your reader’s life, then you are in the right place at the right time.

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