Are Your Customer Outcomes Being Met?

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Customer Outcomes

Based on initial intakes I’ve performed with clients of my consulting services over the years, the vast majority have no idea if their Customer Outcomes are being met after the purchase. After the initial purchase is made that’s about the extent of the relationship. That’s sad!

If you do not have measures in place to determine how your customers are doing after they’ve made a purchase, you’re missing out on opportunities to help them.

Furthermore, you are also causing them to look elsewhere for answers to their problems since you haven’t solved them.

How to Ensure Your Customer Outcomes Are Met

Following are measures you can put in place to ensure your customer’s goals are being achieved:

Follow Up – While your autoresponder likely sends your customers a thank you after they’ve downloaded or ordered your product, you should give them time to use the product and then follow up with them.

Ask them if they’re having any problems or concerns with the product. Be ready for their answer and act on it immediately.

Call Them Personally – When your customer has made a large purchase, it doesn’t hurt to give them a personal call. Even if all you do is leave a message on their voicemail, it will make a huge impact.

You want to ask them how everything is going, if the solution is working and what can you do to make it better.

Ask for Testimonials – When your customer has had time to implement your solution and you’ve followed up, send them an email asking them for a testimonial. Most people aren’t going to click-through to give their testimonial if they didn’t like your product or didn’t get results.

If you create the testimonial form in such a way as to ask them exactly how they used your solution and their exact results, you’ll know more.

Interview Them Live – Contact your customers and ask them if they’d like to appear on your podcast or webinar to discuss how they used the product or service in question. This is a great way to ask them questions and get real answers that will help you determine if they’re achieving their goals or not.

More on customer outcomes…

Are They Moving Through Your Funnel? – Another way to note whether or not your audience is achieving its goals is to see how they’re moving through your sales funnel. Most people will not keep buying if what you’ve offered them isn’t working. But, don’t use this as a substitute for following up.

Ask the Right Questions – There are different types of questions you can ask your customers to find out if they’re achieving their goals, and if not, what the issue is.

It’s not always the product; sometimes it’s the user. Ask both open-ended and cause related questions to ensure that you get enough information to make a determination.

For instance…

Open-Ended Question: “What have you liked/disliked about our product thus far?”

This type of question requires more than just a simple Yes or No answer.

Cause-Related Question: “What prompted you to buy our product?”

This type of question helps you better identify if they purchased the right product for the job.

Monitor the Buzz – You can use Google Alerts to set up a query to find out what other people are saying about you and your products. The discussions on social media, blog posts, product reviews and such are all important measures of whether or not your audience is successful.

Host an After-Purchase Q & A – Another really great way to get a feel of what your customers are doing post purchase, is to offer periodic webinars or teleseminars where you answer questions that your customers have.

These questions not only help you see whether they’re succeeding, but can also give you clues to additional products and services to offer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure whether your customer outcomes are being achieved, take steps to resolve this issue now.

Be available for questions, answers, and problems.

Don’t be offended if they critique your solution.

Instead, take what they say and compare it to other answers and you’ll create an even better product as time goes on.

The final outcome for your efforts will be an increase in brand loyalty, which means repeat sales in the future.

And as you are fully aware by now, it is much easier to keep an existing customer than it is to obtain new ones!

Which of these tips helped you most? (Reply in comment section below)

God bless and thank you for commenting and sharing!

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