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Content curation is the process of pulling together content from various sources around the web, then presenting it to the reader in your own unique style. For some readers this may sound confusing. If this is the case, then it might be easier to understand content curation by defining what it is not.

Content curation does not mean presenting a list of stories or a weekly roundup of links.

It most definitely is not a “cut and paste” job where you plagiarize content from someone else, either.

The thought behind content curation is to take information readily available online, then compiling it to make sense of it for your readers (Breaking it down, making the complex simple, etc).

[clickToTweet tweet=”Curation is more than packaging—it is to help readers discern what is important in the world – Maria Popova” quote=”Curation is more than packaging—it is to help readers discern what is important in the world – Maria Popova”]

Content curation starts by sifting and sorting through content available online, then selecting the best pieces that would interest your readers.

Then you put this content into an easy-to-digest format while making it relevant, valuable and memorable to your reader.

Listed below are 5 content curation examples to help wrap your mind around this concept (All articles open in a separate window):

  1. What industry experts are saying about content marketing tools – Content-Marketing Institute
  2. How you can benefit from curation and what content curation tools to consider – Crowd Content
  3. Content Marketing in 2014: Q&A with Michael Brenner B2B Marketing Insider
  4. This article dives into how curation is more like storytelling and provides more examples of curation sites – Nancy Pekala
  5. This case study provides detail on the steps for launching a content curation campaign and how to get major results – Marketing Sherpa

Why Content Curation is Necessary

You might be thinking…

“If the content is already available online, why put it together for your readers?”

This is exactly why content curation is so powerful…

It’s all in one place and not scattered across the web!

Everyone has to sift and sort their way through all this information to find what they are truly interested in reading.

Sifting through this deluge of information every day leads to information overload.

Content curation solves this problem by doing the sifting and sorting for them, thereby building a following of loyal readers in the process.

How Content Curation Helps You

A common misconception about content curation is that it is an easy way out of content creation.

Because you are pulling together content from various sources, some view this as a shortcut to writing it yourself.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

You still have to compile, correlate, and create the content in a format your readers will read (Don’t worry, there’s content curation software for making this task easier).

However, just like the content you create yourself, the content you curate can help you to establish authority and develop a relationship with your readers.

Look at content curation from the reader’s point of view:

  1. It saves them from having to do their own sifting and sorting, and
  2. Your site becomes the “go-to” source for information they want!

Over time, they see you as the knowledgeable expert in your field. Automated software programs that simply suck content from other sites cannot do this.

So long as your content is timely, relevant and useful, your readers will continue coming back for more. Whether you are the actual content creator or not does not matter to them.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Ideas are the most valuable thing, curation is that means to the end – Peter Hopkins” quote=”Ideas are the most valuable thing, curation is that means to the end – Peter Hopkins”]

Final Thoughts

content curationContent curation should be just as serious to you as is creating your own content from scratch.

However, one of the advantages of using this content strategy is that it is easier and faster then writing your own content; or hiring a writer.

Understanding what your readers want and choosing the right content is the key.

These are just a few practices for curating content, so stay tuned for additional updates on this subject in the near future.

I hope you have found this post valuable. Before you go, why not  share this with others around the web and leave me a comment!

Question: What one thing do you do to add value to your readers when creating content?

God bless,


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