Driving Website Traffic – The #1 Thing You Must Do

The missing ingredient in most all traffic strategies


Ask around online and you’ll discover, that everyone has their favorite method for driving website traffic. Some of these traffic strategies actually work, but some can actually do more harm than good.

No matter what you may read elsewhere, the fact is, the cornerstone for getting more traffic is in building relationships with your audience. This is the one surefire thing that will drive traffic to your website faster than anything else.

People who know and trust you will readily share your content than those who do not. When this happens:

  • Your traffic goes up, and
  • Your reputation improves (with humans and search engines).

Your traffic increases simply because new people are introduced to your content, who then share it with others. Additionally, search engines will send you more traffic because they see you as an authority in your niche.

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Driving Website Traffic by Making Friends Online

It’s not a big secret that friends promote friends. They also share ideas and support one another businesses.

10-12 years ago, you could have created a website in virtually any niche, exchanged links with any website with a “link exchange” page, and you could drive website traffic easily without even knowing a single other person in your niche.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way anymore…

In order to get more search engine traffic, you must already be popular to some degree. The good news here is that the easiest way to be popular has always been, and continues to be, having friends in high places.

The old adage, “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” is certainly true when it comes to driving website traffic.

This certainly doesn’t mean you have to be connected with the lead-dog in your niche. These types of relationships take time.

However, reaching out to other bloggers and product sellers in your niche is a good start. Let those relationships continue to grow as you build on new ones as you meet new people.

Three Simple Ways to Begin Making Friends Online

  1. Connect on social media, through their blog – Leave useful comments, ask thought-provoking questions and be a useful member of their community. However, realize you need to take this communication to a more personal level than simply liking a post or making comments.
  2. Attend in-person events – Face-to-face meetings are the most effective when it comes to cementing relationships. Attend conferences, meetups and other events to meet like-minded business owners.
  3. Offer to write guest posts and do interviews – Help others first and it often comes back to you many times over. Bloggers are ALWAYS looking for good content. Offer to write a guest post, and if approved, this can help drive website traffic like crazy.  Just be sure to reciprocate when asked.

Our target audiences have the potential to bring traffic from their social media presence, personal blogs, and other sources. Connect, be personable, and give them a reason to want to share your content.

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve got friends then driving BlogRocket336x280
website traffic is so much easier, and faster.

In fact, when you have enough proactive and well-followed friends, you can potentially skip all other traffic methods. Now that’s a bold statement!

And the best part about these driving website traffic strategies… They don’t cost anything but time and effort.

Question: What have you done that works to make friends online?

Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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