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Effective email marketing campaigns always require a delicate balance between connecting and selling. If you focus too much on making a connection with your list and not on selling, then you’ll never make money with your list.

On the other hand, if you focus too much on selling than you’ll ‘burn your list’ and lose potential customers.

So, what’s the correct balance between connecting and selling?

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Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

The “80/20 Rule”

In general, the proper balance between making a connection with your subscribers and going for the sale is somewhere between 80% connecting and 20% selling.

Applying the 80/20 rule will get your customers in the habit of opening your emails.

They’ll know that by and large, emails from you will be of a high quality.

Having 80% of your content be connection-based also does one other thing…

It buys you the right to sell to them!

When your subscribers consistently receive something of great value from your emails, they will not resent the occasional sales message.

Instead, they’ll be open to reading your sales messages knowing that there’s a good chance they will get something of real value from the product.

People do not like being “sold” on something. They do, however, like to buy if they know what they’re receiving in return will help solve their problem.

When you consistently provide your subscribers with high quality content, they will actually look forward to your next product and eagerly read your sales message. This ensures that your email marketing campaigns will become effective.

5 to 1 or “At the Bottom”

There are two primary methods for splitting your connection and selling content. The first method is to send connection and problem-solving content only emails, then ever so often send a sales message.

Sending only 1 sales message every 5 emails keeps you within the 80/20 rule.

When using this method, be sure that your sales messages also provide great value.

Even if you send out quality content regularly, you must still send high-quality sales content emails also.

Always ask yourself the following question before hitting the “send” button on your emails…

“Is what I’m sending of value to the recipient?” (Looking at it from their point of view).

The other method — “At the Bottom” — is to sell continually by placing a banner advertisement or a promotional sentence at the bottom of every email.

This method, when performed correctly, usually works very well. Instead of trying to hit a home run in sales in one email, you receive a flow of sales with every email sent.

When using this method, be sure to weave your sales message within the email itself.

For instance, if your email covers the most common obstacles copywriters face searching for new clients, then be sure to include an easy way to find clients in your promotional sentence. Even if your product covers much more than that.

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Final Thoughts

email marketing campaignsAll successful email marketing campaigns are built on relationships you create with your list subscribers.

The most successful campaigns are those that are able to walk the fine line between connecting and selling.

As a rule of thumb, sell 20% of the time (5 to 1 connection over selling) to build a strong connection with your list while still creating steady profits.

By maintaining your focus on offering real value to your list, your odds of success increase exponentially over time.

Question: What is one thing you do to build relationships with your list?

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