Has Buying Mailing Lists Become Obsolete?

How much money are you wasting?

Buying Mailing Lists

Buying mailing lists has become a common practice for some business owners, simply for no other reason than this is what they think they are supposed to do. Although there are a few pros to buying mailing lists, the truth is, the cons far outweigh any possible pros. In fact, your ability to find your ideal audience using social media has become so easy, there is no good reason to buy them.

Still not convinced?

8 Reasons Why Buying Mailing Lists is a Bad Idea

1) Spam Risks – If you do decide to buy an email list, your chances of being accused of spamming increase exponentially.

It’s better to earn your audience through other means, making sure that your list subscribers double opt-in to your list.

When subscribers double opt-in, there is no doubt they are giving you permission to market to them – that’s much better!

2) Outdated Lists – More often than not, when you buy an email list it’s usually filled with outdated information.

This results in a lot of bounced emails, which hurts your conversion rates.

In fact, most often the email addresses come back as undeliverable or disappear altogether.

As for any home addresses you may have on your list, they’re not any better.

How often have you received advertisements in the mail that didn’t apply to you? I know I have!

3) Wrong Niche – There’s no guarantee the list you buy actually targets your niche market.

When you send to an email list like this, what you’re doing amounts to “cold calling”.

The people on an email list like this are no more eager to receive your emails than a man a prostate exam!

More on buying mailing lists…

4) Activity vs Productivity – Oftentimes, when a business owner buys a mailing list, they are confusing activity with productivity. Thinking because they are ‘busy’ sending out emails they must be doing something worthwhile.

However, by skipping the important steps of warming up your market, getting them to give you permission to send them education and information, is actually counter-productive.

Buying mailing lists might make you feel as if you’re doing something, but you’re actually doing more harm than good.

Instead, work at finding your ideal audience, deliver what they want and need, and build your mailing list filled with people who look forward to your emails.

You’ll experience much more success this way!

5) Warm Market – By attracting people who asked to be on your mailing list, you know they’ve already warmed up to you.

They know what to expect by providing you their email address and they’re giving you the ‘green light’ to send them more information.

None of these things can be said about purchased lists!

6) Social Advertising – For the same amount of money you’ll spend on an outdated list, filled with the wrong target audience and bad email addresses, you can run an advertisement on Facebook.

However, on Facebook you’ll attract your ideal audience and increase your chances of making money as people click-through to your web page.

7) Better Results – Attracting your ideal audience works better than trying to force or trick people on to your list.

Offering freebies, low-cost items, webinars, and other “ethical bribes” to get people to opt-in to your list will always produce better results than buying mailing lists ever will.

8) It’s a New Day – Some of the old ways of marketing (of which I am well versed in after 30+ years of marketing) need to go the way of the dinosaur.

The old days of sending email blasts to unsuspecting recipients are now obsolete…Thank God! (I never bought into that garbage to start with)

Obviously, you must have a mailing list, but you should build it with people who asked and want to be on it.

So, yes!

Buying mailing lists is obsolete.

The same amount of money you invest in mailing lists could be spent on building your mailing list.

What say you?

Have you had success in building mailing lists? If yes, then I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

If you’ve struggled at building mailing lists, I’d like to hear your story as well. Who knows, perhaps we could help you in this area.

Thank you for taking time to comment and share.

Until next time,

God bless!

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