Hook Your Reader with These Simple Headline Writing Formulas

Whenever you’re writing headlines for articles or blog posts, your main goal is to “hook” or grab your readers attention. You’re not trying to provide your reader with “useful information” or promise them the world in your headlines. All you’re trying to do is to give them a very good reason to continue reading….

That’s all!

So how can you do this?

There are many headline writing formulas available to you as a writer. However, here are four to get you started for now…

State a Benefit That Your Product Provides That Others Can’t — When it comes to grabbing your readers attention, few things work better than clearly stating how your product differs from all others. Done successfully, your readers will have a “light bulb” moment where they realize why your product is so much better than other options available. If you can get them to have this moment while reading the headline (rather than later) then you know you’ve got a great headline writing formula for sure!

Announce a Benefit by Expressing a Bold Statement — Rather than asking your reader a question or plainly stating a benefit, forcefully order your reader to do something. For example “Become a millionaire in just two years!” or “Live an additional 20 years by practicing these 7 secrets of longevity.” By commanding your readers to do something, instead of suggesting it, You’ll subconsciously push them to take action.

Ask a Question — For instance, ask your readers what they’d do if they all of a sudden became wealthy overnight. How would they spend that money? What charities would they donate to? Use this as a way to get them to think about how their lives will change after using your product. And then specifically state that your product will make it happen.

Frame Your Product’s Main Benefit as a Newsworthy Item — As mentioned previously, an excellent way to hook people with your headline is to make it newsworthy. Consider writing it in the third person, talk about the newsworthy features of your product, framing it as an important development in your niche. If your product is indeed innovative and good, then there’s nothing wrong with using this method.

In short, use your headline to communicate at least one major benefit of your product; or to propose at least one thought-provoking question. Doing so will cause your reader to take notice since you’re addressing the question, or problem, they are already thinking about anyhow. Start using these simple headline writing formulas to hook your reader and force them to notice you like a moth to flame.

Be good to yourself,


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