How and When To Personalize Your Content

How to get personal with your audience

personalized content

According to Scott Abel of Content Wrangler, Personalized Content (or content personalization) is the process of targeting content to individuals based on one or more of the following:

  1. Who they are
  2. Where they are
  3. When
  4. Why, and
  5. How they access content (and what device they use to access it).

This is one definition of personalized content. Here’s another, mine in fact…

Personalized Content is any form of content that you create to meet your customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, while also making interactions faster and easier, thus increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits.

Using Personalized Content

Have you ever read an article or blog post that is so bland it almost puts you to sleep? Seriously, we’re talking “cricket chirping” dead content! If you’re like me, then you simply click away and move on.

There’s too much good information available online to be bored to tears reading something that is not interesting, educational, entertaining or all three. There are, of course, caveats to this.

personalized contentSometimes dry content is necessary. For example, if you’re reading about how to install a software program on your desktop, there’s no real need for entertainment.

Chances are your website isn’t devoted to showing people how to install software. That means it’s important to add interest to your content.

You don’t want to put people to sleep. You want to inspire them, motivate them and encourage them to come back to your website again and again.

You probably also want to make sales with your content. Boring content doesn’t make sales!

If you’re not a comedian or a professional writer, adding interest to your content may seem like a huge challenge. I have a secret for you, a content writing secret that will actually help you write better content, build a better business and capture your reader’s interest. In fact, I guarantee that if you can talk, you can write well.

The secret?

Personalize your content by writing like you talk. When you talk to someone you’re usually excited about what you’re sharing. Your personality comes through in the words you use. It comes through by using examples and by sharing stories. When you write “Conversationally” you automatically engage your readers because your personality becomes part of your content.

Are you boring?

Absolutely not! At least not to everyone. Many people, I’m sure, find you absolutely riveting. And when you’re talking about a topic you are passionate about, I’m sure you’re even more captivating because you’re excited. So how do you write conversationally? How do you personalize your content?

  1. Use examples – share personal stories and examples from your experience that help demonstrate your point.
  2. Skip the jargon – when you’re talking to friends you probably don’t use jargon or tech speak. Because when you do they look at you like you’re strange. If you do use any jargon make sure you explain the terms so your readers know what you’re talking about!
  3. Embrace alternatives – add photos, graphics or charts, screen shots or even a short video to some of your content. This isn’t appropriate for all content. However test and track the results of a few articles where you add video or audio. For example, you might create a “how to” article and include a quick video demonstration of one of the steps.

Embrace your personality in your content.

You are a wonderful, marvelous and interesting person. When you incorporate your personality into your writing, your content is more interesting. It also creates several buying triggers including “liking”, which results in more fans and more conversions.


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