How to Create Your Website’s Content Plan

A website without content is, well isn’t ineffective, that’s what it is. The Internet is a gigantic library and your website, or blog, is simply one book in a library along with millions of other books. The more information your book has, the more value it provides visitors and readers. The more value; the more traffic.

It’s a simple equation.

And if your book (aka website) only has a few pages…well, who is going to check out a book with only a few pages? No one!

It’s in your best interests as a website owner to spend time creating and implementing your content plan.

What the Heck is a Content Plan?

A content plan is a plan that tells you:

  • How much content you’re going to publish
  • Where you’re going to publish it
  • What you’re going to write about
  • The goal for your content
  • And how you’re going to create your content

For example, your content plan might look a bit like this:

  • Monday – Tips article – goal is to drive traffic to opt in page
  • Tuesday – “How to” video – promote consulting services
  • Wednesday – Publish two articles on Article directory and drive traffic to landing page
  • Thursday – Product Review –generate a little affiliate income
  • Friday – Weekly wrap up blog post and ezine article.
  • Sat & Sun – Off!

Of course, your plan will be more specific. Instead of “Tips” article you might write “Ten Tips to Stop Smoking Today.” Additionally, you might write all of your content at once, outsource it, or modify PLR to fit your needs.

Why Create a Content Plan?

Well, just take a look at what your plan does for you. It outlines everything you’re going to write about and why you’re going to write it. It forces you to pay attention!

Pay attention not only to your business goals but also to your audience’s needs. It also helps ensure that you actually create the content that your online business needs.

Your content plan is your personal “kick in the seat of the pants” approach to staying on track with your business.

Now, you might be asking, “When Do I Create My Content Plan?

This, my dear friend, depends largely on how you create your content. Do you write it yourself? Do you outsource it?

If you write it yourself, how many articles or blog posts can you write in one sitting? Know the answer to these questions and you know when to create your content plan.

If you outsource your content, you might want to create a content plan for the next month. That way the content is written well in advance of when you need it. If you write it yourself, you may want to plan your content a week in advance and write five to ten articles at a time.

Wrapping it All Up in A Tidy Package

Content is essential for your online success. Creating a plan helps ensure that you meet your content goals and provide the information your audience is looking for. Create a plan that best meets your needs and make sure you plan ahead.

Winging it online rarely works out in the long run. Plan ahead and succeed.

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