How to Send Mass Emails Without Spamming

send mass emails

The ability to send mass emails without spamming isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. However, there are factors you must consider before you hit the send button on your emails. Obviously, you can’t just send them to anyone you want, no matter how you obtained the email address. To ensure your emails make it to your intended recipient and bypass the spam filters, try the following:

Send Mass Emails The Right Way

1) They MUST Have Opted In – When using an autoresponder system, such as Aweber for instance, be sure everyone has opted in before you send your bulk emails. You can either ask people to let you add them to your list, or you can direct them to a page where they may opt-in to receive your emails.

Never send mass emails to anyone who has not opted in. As for buying email lists, lists you have no way of knowing how the company gathered the emails…DON’T, please!

2) Educate Yourself On Spam –, an email autoresponder service, has a great Infographic on spam laws. This Infographic can be found here: Spam Laws [Infographic]

3) Write Enticing Subject Lines – Your email subject lines are equivalent to your blog post headlines in matters of importance. Like your blog post headlines, your email subject lines must grab your reader’s attention and make them want to read more.

Use the wrong words and your email recipient may think your email is spam. If not mistaken as spam it could just as easily get ignored. Split-test subject lines to determine which one works best.

4) K.I.S.S.Keep It Short & Sweet. The vast majority of people will not read your emails if they are too long. It’s okay to provide a little backstory for clarity, but do it quickly and provide a link for them to get more information. Your email is merely a tool for getting your list members back to your website or blog, and the occasional product promotion.

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5) Include Contact Information – It is required by law to include your contact information in each email that you send; including your business address. If you work from a home office and do not wish to use this as your business address, which I highly recommend that you don’t, then get a PO Box.

6) Avoid Graphics – Graphics and images are notorious for slowing down and impeding the ability of your email recipients to receive and open your emails. It might bounce for some recipients, and it might be seen as “spammy” by some email hosts who will block and filter email messages like this.

7) Optimize for Mobile – The majority of people now view their emails via their cell phone and other mobile devices. Your email recipients must have the ability to not only read your email via their cell phones, they must also be able to take action via the email. This is reason why it’s important that you learn how to optimize your emails for mobile devices.

This is another reason why plain text emails without graphics and images work best for mobile devices. Focus your efforts on creating content that adds value to your email recipients, that peaks their interest and makes them want to learn more, and you’ll see your need to include images diminish.

8) TEST, Everything! – No matter what methods you choose to send mass emails, testing what works and what doesn’t is vitally important to your email marketing campaigns. Test everything, the subject lines, the from section, the opening sentence, bullets, call-to-action….Everything! Doing so ensures that you’ve left nothing to chance and helps minimize your chances of getting emails marked as spam.

Final Thoughts

send mass emailsYour ability to send mass emails without getting labeled a spammer, is a proven method for increasing revenues.

Do everything within your power to ensure that you’re not breaking any rules or that country’s laws, or the terms of service for your email provider.

It is best to use a reputable autoresponder email service for mass emails to help you avoid delivery problems.

No matter how great your emails are, if the deliverability rate of your autoresponder service is low then your email marketing campaigns will suffer.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure your emails get delivered, opened and read, is to invest your time, effort, and money into learning how to write effective emails.

What do you do to ensure your emails get opened and read? I’d like to hear what you have to say in the comments!


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