The Importance of Writing Unique Content

Are you getting the most traffic possible?

writing unique content

Writing unique content is more important than ever due to ever changing search engine algorithms. According to Google’s recent algorithm changes, up to 35% of searches (depending on the language and domain name you are searching on) were affected.

That’s a lot of content that is, most likely, never going to be seen!

However, instead of boring you to tears with algorithms let me ask you a simple question…

What is your interest in writing unique content?

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For instance, I am writing this post to inform you of the importance of writing unique content.

My goal is that you will get something useful from this content, and then share it with others around the web. Simple enough.

I write content to add value to my readers lives and for the traffic it brings me.

That’s it – plain and simple. I am sure you create content for the very same reasons.

You want to increase the amount of traffic coming to your site. In this case, it is likely you want to know why writing unique content for your blog or website will drive traffic to your site.

However, even more important than just getting traffic to your site: Are you getting the most traffic possible?

As an Internet user yourself, you do not want to read the same type of content repeatedly. Thus, in order to keep your readers interested you must continue writing unique content on an ongoing basis.

Unique content drives traffic, plain and simple!

Keep this in mind if you are ever tempted to copy and paste another piece of PLR content ‘as is’ into your blog.

Remember, writing unique content is “King” when it comes to getting the most traffic possible from your content.

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Final Thoughts

writing confidenceIt’s very easy to become obsessed with algorithm changes and how they could affect your content, your traffic and your online business. Personally, I think this is what Google wants.

However, there is a surefire way to stay ahead of any algorithm changes and the affects they may cause to you.

First and foremost, ALWAYS research your market thoroughly. Just when you feel like you’ve researched it well, research it some more.

You can never know too much about your target-market.

What are their needs?

What are their dreams?

What are their goals? And most important of all…

What are their FEARS? (Very powerful!)

The answers to these questions is what propels all your content creation efforts.

Algorithm changes are a given. However, what never changes is the fact there is always going to be someone with a problem that you can help solve.

Whether it is with your informative content, or a product or service that alleviates pain and suffering, someone somewhere is searching for someone to help them.

What can’t that someone be you?

Question: How do you help alleviate people’s pain and suffering with what you do?

While you’re here, leave me a comment and share this post with others! 😉

God bless,



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