Increase Sales Online With These Confidence Building Tips

increase sales online

In order for you to increase sales online, you must first realize that it does require selling. This may sound like a ‘no-brainer’, considering we are talking about online sales here.  However, you may be surprised how many online business owners do not fully realize that this is what they are doing.

Listen, no matter how much the “gurus” want you to believe that you can simply “Set It and Forget It!” to Internet riches, the exact opposite is true. Making money online requires selling, and selling requires three things:

  1. Belief in yourself
  2. Belief in your products, and
  3. Belief in your ability to reach your goals.

To that end, here are seven confidence-building tips you can use to increase sales online:

7 Tips to Boost Confidence and Increase Sales Online

#1 – Celebrate Success

Unfortunately, not everyone will say yes to the product you are selling online. However, when you do make sales (or reach your sales goal), then reward yourself. I still have the picture of my first sale online framed and mounted on my wall.  It wasn’t much ($20), but I still took myself out to lunch for achieving my first goal –  to make a sale online.

When you reward yourself periodically for all the hard work that you do, it is much easier to keep your belief and your attitude at a higher level.

#2 – Be Grateful

It is very easy to get caught-up-in and dwell on all the things you do not have. However, by focusing on all that you do have and being grateful, it gives you the confidence and grace to handle most anything.

“Maintain an attitude of gratitude.” – Tweet This

#3 – Tackle opportunities with enthusiasm

Enthusiasm: Greek enthousiasmos, “to be inspired by a god”.

When you are enthusiastic by all the opportunities there are online to help people, and grow your business, then you can’t fail to increase sales online.  When your potential consumers see that you are passionate about what you do and what you have to offer them, they get passionate.

Enthusiasm is contagious, and when you are sincerely passionate about all that you do, your consumers current and future can sense it. Said another way, “If you are not passionate about what you do, then why should your potential consumers be?”

#4 – Know your products

  • What, exactly, does your product ‘do’?
  • How does your product solve their problem?
  • How is your product better than the competitions?

When you know your products in and out, you may approach any selling opportunity with confidence in your knowledge. Understand not just how the product works and what it costs, but also how your customers benefit from it.

#5 – Know your audience

  • What do they want?
  • Why should they purchase from you?
  • What do you have to offer?

Knowing your audience and understanding their wants can help you communicate more successfully with them, and it’ll help you sell with confidence.

#6 – Accept ‘No’ For an Answer

Accept the fact that there are always going to be people that say “No” to your product. No one can relate to everyone; they just can’t, it’s impossible. However, everyone can relate to enough people to increase sales online to the point that they are very wealthy.

Seriously, I know a guy who has virtually no people skills, is very introverted and owns an ugly website. Last year he did half a million in sales online.  How, you ask?  Simple. He found enough other introverted people like himself (his niche) who buy his ebooks and listen to his monthly podcast, that is how!

#7 – Have Fun

If you really want to increase sales online, than you gotta have some fun doing it. Don’t believe it? Run some silly contest, something like “Who’s the Best Looking Blogger You Know?” at your blog.  Provided you’ve done all the other things right at your blog, the extra traffic the contest generates may very well increase your sales.

Let me ask you something…

“The people you like to rub elbows with online, do they appear to be enjoying themselves?”

If yes, do they not also exude enthusiasm, confidence and gratitude? Most likely, yes they do. So can you, if you’re not already.


To increase sales online, you must: Celebrate success, be grateful, be enthusiastic, know your products, know your audience, find your niche and most importantly…have fun!  Recognize and confess, daily, that you have what it takes to create success. Keep your confidence high with these confidence building tips, and you’ll increase sales online too.

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