Keep A Clean Email List in 8 Simple Steps

Clean Email List

Having a clean email list will ensure that your analytics are accurate, avoid false spam reporting and most important, save you money! Over the course of building your email marketing list, you end up with subscribers who were just after the freebie you offered for opting into your newsletter. Others may have purchased something in the past, but the product’s been retired and they’ve never made another purchase. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you keep a clean email list.

How to Keep a Clean Email List

Some of the best autoresponder services will automatically remove unsubscribes, undeliverables and multiple bounces  for you – but not all.

The reason this is important is because too many bounces and undeliverables will put your numbers off.

However, you’ll have to work a little harder than this to ensure you have a clean email list.

1) Double Opt-In – The double opt-in feature that most autoresponder programs have helps to avoid some of the problems with bad email addresses.

Be sure not to deliver your freebie to them until they’ve completed all the steps.

2) Email Regularly – There’s no need to email your list ever day, two or three times a week will keep your subscribers interested.

If you don’t email your list regularly, then you’re going to create a dead list who doesn’t check to see if you’re saying anything.

3) Use List Cleaning Software – If you have a super-large list you can use software, such as Data Validation, to help you maintain a clean list.

This works well for professional internet marketers and will work well for you too.

Link – Data Validation

4) Send Emails to Inactives – If you have people on your list who haven’t opened your emails for over a month, send an email with a subject line that indicates inaction will remove them from the list.

If they don’t open it, unsubscribe them if they don’t unsubscribe themselves.

More on keeping a clean email list…

5) Keep a Checklist – Each month, pick one thing to check on your list such as inactive members, people who click but don’t respond to the call to action, and so forth.

By placing your focus on one type of member at a time, you can try different means to either bring them to active status or let them go.

6) Open Rates – If your open rates are super-low, it’s probably not really your members that are the issue; it’s your email subject lines.

Try working on them before you cut anyone loose.

Your messages are likely getting lost in the maze of other emails just like yours.

Try to stand out.

7) Are You Segmenting? – One thing to check with your list is whether or not you’re segmenting properly.

You should remove people from one list and add them to another based on their actions.

If they’ve bought item A, they should no longer receive information about item A but instead get information about item B.

8) Keep Growing Your List – Growing your list can help clean it up because as you learn more, you’ll get better at creating “ethical bribes” and low-cost introductory level products that excite your audience and keep them wanting more.

Final Thoughts

Clean Email ListKeeping a clean email list is an important component in maintaining your subscriber list, because it costs money to have each person on your list.

Plus, it can be a pain in the butt if someone reports you for spam.

You want to demonstrate the highest ethical standards, and you can do that well with a clean list.

What about you?

What do you do to keep your email list clean? I’d love to hear your input in the comments!

If you’ve struggled at keeping your list clean, I’d like to hear your story as well.

Until next time,

God bless!

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