Has Buying Mailing Lists Become Obsolete?

How much money are you wasting?

Buying Mailing Lists

Buying mailing lists has become a common practice for some business owners, simply for no other reason than this is what they think they are supposed to do. Although there are a few pros to buying mailing lists, the truth is, the cons far outweigh any possible pros. In fact, your ability to find your […]

Why Visualization is More Powerful Than Goal Setting

How to ensure you get what you want.

Having a Vision

We’ve all heard about the importance of goal setting, but what about visualization? For starters, what’s the difference between visualization and goal setting? Before we delve into the differences between the two, let me give you a hint: if your first step to getting to where you want to go begins with writing down your […]

Social Media ROI: Measuring Results

Social Media ROI

Measuring Social Media ROI (Return On Investment), is another important metric you should measure to ensure your social media marketing efforts are paying off. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, ensures your audience are exposed to the right programs and product offerings. Obviously, if you begin without a plan, then it’s going to be next […]

Keep A Clean Email List in 8 Simple Steps

Clean Email List

Having a clean email list will ensure that your analytics are accurate, avoid false spam reporting and most important, save you money! Over the course of building your email marketing list, you end up with subscribers who were just after the freebie you offered for opting into your newsletter. Others may have purchased something in […]