What Is a Customer Journey Map and Why You Need One

Customer Journey Map

Just as your sales funnel charts every step the customer takes through your sales process, the customer journey map gauges the experiences your customers have when engaging with your company. Whether it be a product experience, an online experience, retail experience, a service experience or other, one look at the map informs you where your […]

5 Quick Tips for Identifying Customer Needs

Identifying Customer Needs

Identifying customer needs is an ongoing process you must master if your business is to survive long term. One method for determining customer needs is to simply ask, obviously. However, most often customers themselves aren’t sure of what they need. Instead of guessing what your customers need, try the following methods for making these determinations. […]

Finding Your Ideal Customer (You know they’re out there!)

finding your ideal customer

You know they’re out there, your ideal customer. The question is… “Where are they?” Finding your ideal customer doesn’t have to be as difficult as the “gurus” make it out to be, but it does require that you have a plan. Let this post be your plan for finding your ideal customer. The first step […]

8 Quick Tips To Mastering SEO Headlines

SEO Headlines

The first key to writing SEO headlines, is to grasp the fact that it is more than just using the best keywords. The ability to make your headlines stand out and grab your reader’s attention, thus increasing click-through rates, is another major factor for getting your content ranked higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results […]