Teaming Up With Experts to Build Your Business

One of the best ways to build your writing business is to team up with other business owners and experts. There are many ways you can go about forming partnerships. The key is to create teams that provide value to you or your customer. Here are four ideas to team up with experts and build your business.

Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants are wonderful. They make a business owner’s life so much easier. They can also help you grow your business in a number of ways. You can team up with a virtual assistant to offer a full service package. For example, you write the blog post and the virtual assistant publishes them on the customer blogs. Or you write the articles and the virtual assistant publishes them on article directories.

You work together to offer full service packages to clients. You can also team up with virtual assistants who are transcription, research and even editing professionals.

Graphic Designers

As you work with clients you’ll likely have many who will ask you to add photos, formatting and graphics to the content you create. If you don’t have those skills or aren’t inclined to offer the service you’re in a bind. Consider building your business by teaming up with a graphic design expert.

For example, you can offer a complete information product package. You write the content and your partner, the graphic designer, formats the book, adds the images and creates an icon.

Website Designers

If you write web copy and content you might consider teaming up with a website designer. The web designer benefits because they now have someone who can create content for their client sites. You benefit because you can now offer a full service website package for your clients.

Other Writers.

As a writer you probably have a specialty. Maybe you’re a blogger or you create ebooks and reports. And chances are your clients have asked you to write content that is outside of your specialty. If you team up with other writing specialists you can offer a wider range of services.

For example, you might team up with a press release expert or an SEO expert. By offering a wider range of writing services you’re able to specialize and offer your clients the services they need. You can build your business without taking on a new or different workload.

Before teaming up with other experts consider what partnerships would offer the most value to your customers. How can you solve their problems better or more effectively? Once you’ve honed in on a solution, then it’s time to seek potential partners and make your pitch.

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