Top 10 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Get your emails opened and read this holiday!

Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday email marketing requires you to take additional measures to ensure your emails stand out from the crowd of emails filling your recipients inbox this time of year. Marketing is ongoing process obviously, but during the holidays everyone ramps up their efforts thus forcing you to do the same. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t, lies in how you increase your efforts.

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Following are 10 tips you can use to increase your chances of having a successful holiday email marketing campaign:

1) Plan Ahead – You want to be noticed, so plan ahead so that you can figure out how your emails will stand out compared to other people’s emails.

Plan your titles, headlines, and subject matter so that it’s interesting and to the point for your audience.

2) Create Email Series – Don’t just make one email about a particular topic. Instead, make email series about a particular topic.

For example. Instead of one lengthy email called Top 10 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season, create ten emails in a series – one for each reason, and send them out over the course of ten days.

3) Engage with Your Audience – Spruce up your profiles and your social networks, and really engage with your audience.

A lot of them will have more time off during the holidays, so it’s a good time to impress them with your knowledge.

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4) Remember Your CTAs – Every single email you send should include a Call-to-Action, or CTA. However, not every CTA has to be about selling something.

Some of the CTAs that you add to your emails will be about joining you on Facebook or about signing up for a free challenge.

5) Incentivize Your Audience – Give them a reason to want to buy from you by making bundles, offering discounts, donating to a charity or by having a Christmas party.

Whatever it takes to get your audience excited about making purchases should be done – so long as it is legal, moral and ethical.

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6) Focus on Benefits – In any message you create, you have to remember it’s all about benefits.

  • How does it benefit your customers for them to agree to let you email them?
  • How does it benefit your customers to buy the upgraded version?

Benefits far outweigh features when it comes to influencing a person’s decision to buy.

7) Rethink Your Headlines – During the holidays it’s okay to try to add a little bling to your headlines by mentioning the holiday.

However, it only works if you’ve studied your audience enough to know whether or not they like the holiday you’re mentioning.

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8) Segment Your Users – As with any other time of year, it’s important to segment your users into different groups.

For example, people who came into your funnel by buying product ‘A‘ should be on the list that talks to people who’ve purchased product A.

9) Test, Test, Test – Always look at the metrics. Study based on your goals, and what you plan to accomplish for the campaign.

You can’t know if something worked unless you study the metrics.

10) Be Consistent – Consistency is key when it comes to getting your holiday emails opened and read.

There’s a very short window of opportunity during the holidays, and people are busier than ever this time of year, so you must send your emails out consistently to keep them from being overlooked.

If the email you sent yesterday went unopened, then you must send them again today if you want to increase your chances of getting a response.

If you have a rather low open-rate with a particular email, most likely it has something to do with your subject line. Rework it and then resend it.

Final Thoughts

Your holiday email marketing success hinges on getting a head start on all the other email marketers.

However, it does you no good to get a head start if you do not know exactly what you’re promoting, to whom and why.

Put these tips to good use and you’ll be able to boost your holiday sales even more.

How about you?

Have you had success with your holiday email marketing campaigns? If yes, then I’d love to hear about your efforts in the comment section!

If you struggled with email marketing during the holidays, I’d like to hear what you have to say as well. Perhaps we could help you in this area!

Thank you for commenting and sharing!

Until next time,

God bless!

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