Top 10 Most Common Customer Onboarding Mistakes

Common Customer Onboarding Mistakes

When acquiring new customers, you want to do everything in your power to avoid making even the most common customer onboarding mistakes. The continued success of your business depends on it. Obviously, your goal is to bring customers into your sales funnel and move them through the funnel in a reasonable amount of time. But to do that you need to avoid the following mistakes.

Avoiding the Most Common Customer Onboarding Mistakes

1) Over Promising – If you blow smoke too much, you’ll end up getting burned.

Nothing is worse than telling a customer something and then not following through.

If you tell them, you’d better deliver.

2) Ignoring Problems – When something isn’t working right, you can’t ignore it.

If even one customer says your site loads slowly, then you need to pay attention to that and fix it.

Whatever it is that you can make better, do it.

3) Making Assumptions – Do not make any assumptions about anything when it comes to your business. Know the answers to the questions and if you don’t know, find out. When in doubt, ask someone.

Common Customer Onboarding Mistakes: Falling Through the Cracks

4) Not Accurately Representing Your Funnel – You should have onboarding ability via each entry point into your funnel, and understand what frame of mind your audience is in at each point of your funnel.

If your customers get lost or become confused in your sales funnel, you can bet they’ll click away and look elsewhere.

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5) Making Customers Work Too Hard – You literally need to hand-hold your customers through the process instead of making them work too hard.

For instance, if your shopping cart is hard to get through, you can bet it’ll be abandoned a lot.

If your contact information isn’t readily available, they will be unsatisfied.

6) Not Following Up – If you don’t follow up with a new customer as soon as possible (within 24 hours), you’re going to lose a lot of customers after the first entry level purchase or giveaway.

In today’s world of savvy and informed customers, where potential consumers can “shop you to death” at the click of a button; if you are not focused on building relationships with your current and potential customers, then it’s easy to find someone who will.

Relationship marketing isn’t just another buzz word, it’s your reality! If you fail to embrace it, then your customers will go elsewhere.

Common Customer Onboarding Mistakes: Going The Extra Mile

7) Answering Questions Too Slowly – When a customer or future customer has a question, you need to answer them as fast as possible.

If you do not know the answer, tell them that you’ll research it further and follow up within a specific time frame.

It’s okay not to know the answer, but it’s not okay to fabricate an answer. If you do and they find the correct answer themselves — easily done online — what do you think your chances are of keeping or acquiring customers?

Do yourself a favor, always answer customer questions thoroughly.

8) Not Maximizing SEO – Remember that search engine optimization isn’t really just about the search engine finding you; it turns out that SEO is good for your customers also.

Having a well-organized website, with the right information in the right place at the right time, drives reader interaction and consumer action resulting in higher search engine rankings.

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9) Lack of Transparency – To ensure your customers fully understand your processes, policies and procedures, be sure these are readily available at your website and in your accompanying literature; if any.

Transparency is crucial for gaining and keeping your client’s trust. It also ensures that there is no guess work between you and your customers, in regards to where the other stands in the buyer/seller relationship.

Common Customer Onboarding Mistakes: Keeping Existing Customers

10) No Long-Term Value – In addition to the immediate value you provide your customers, it’s equally important (if not more so) to provide long-term value.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, “It is easier to keep an existing customer than it is aquire new ones.” How utterly true this is!

The way to keep existing customers happy and coming back to you instead of your competitors, is to offer additional value in the form of products and services complimentary to their initial purchase.

If you do not offer long-term value to your customers, then someone else will. Do this long enough and you’ll find yourself out of business!

Final Thoughts

Avoiding the most common customer onboarding mistakes is imperative to increasing your customers’ lifetime value.

The real key to avoid making these mistakes is to make yourself and your team, if you have one, available to your customers.

When they have questions or concerns about you, your products and/or your services, then you need to ensure that someone is there to help them.

Having a mindset that is focused continually on providing value to your customers, in all areas of your business, is a must.

After all is said and done, a lot of your success boils down to how much you truly — at a heart level — care about your customers.

And always remember: It’s easier to keep a customer than get a new one, so it’s important to get this right.

How About You?

What do you do to ensure your customers are taken care of throughout the sale process? I’d like to hear what you have to say in the comments!

If you’ve struggled in this area, I’d like to hear your story as well! (Perhaps we can help!)

Until next time,

God bless!

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