Top 4 Sales Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Building trust to increase sales

sales barriers

Sales barriers are anything that stand between your customer and their decision to buy your product. They are very real and are often difficult to determine, and therefore difficult to overcome. When you are writing sales copy for a particular product or service, we all know the importance of emphasizing the benefits our customer will receive from buying our product: that they know what it is and that they believe it’s worth the money.

But as important as it is to address the benefits your products or services provide, it’s just as important to address the psychological blocks, or sales barriers, that keep your customers from buying.

What are these barriers and how do you break them down? Although there are more than just four barriers to making sales, the following are the main ones you will have to deal with on an ongoing basis.

Overcoming Sales Barriers

Build Trust

The first barrier to sales is the mother of them all: Trust. This means getting your potential customers to trust you enough to buy from you, as well as trusting your website so they know their personal information are safe and secure.

Buying products and services online can be nerve wracking, partly because we have no way of knowing if they’re really going to send us the products or that they’ll do as they claim.

How do you overcome this?

One of the best options is to show social proof with customer reviews and testimonials.

Also important, is to make sure your site looks as professional as possible so that there’s no question as to whether you’re a legitimate business; person.

Another great way to overcome sales barriers is the use of videos. Creating a video of you explaining and giving proof that the product will do as you say, works great for gaining trust for both you and your product.

Also, make sure your contact information (phone number, email, address etc.) is clearly visible at your website. I’ve made numerous sales online simply because the potential customer called just to see if I was a real person.

Make it Worth the Effort

Also standing in your way is the effort of buying. That is to say that people hate having to input their details and go through the process of getting out their debit card, and this can be enough to put them off buying something they want.

The solution?

Make your sales process as easy as is possible for them.

One of the best ways to do that is to use a well-known payment gateway – like PayPal.

Make the sales process personal by talking directly to your prospective customer. Walk them through the process in your copy, telling them exactly what to do next until the order is complete.

If you’ve done your job correctly in your sales copy, given them a strong enough reason ‘why’ by addressing their concerns, then they’re much more likely to feel the effort is worth it.

More tips on overcoming sales barriers…

Buyer Resistance

Buyer resistance are the feelings a person have about making the commitment to buy. Most often, this is directly related to the perceived value of the product or service compared to its cost.

In other words, is the product worth what they’re paying for?

To effectively overcome this, you must demonstrate that your product is a good investment in some way.

Ask yourself these questions when writing your sales copy:

  1. What matters most to my ideal client?
  2. What keeps them awake at night? Fear?
  3. What is their greatest pain currently?
  4. What solution does my product offer that they are willing to pay anything for?
  5. How does my product or service make life genuinely better?

Buyer resistance simply means that you have not yet persuaded them that what you offer truly solves their problems.

The best way to overcome this resistance is to know exactly what their greatest need is, then address how your product or service solves that need in your sales copy.

Overcoming Risk

No matter how awesome your product may be, there is always risk involved with a product.

For example, it might just not be as good as it looks on your website – This often occurs with affiliate products that you haven’t used or tested yourself.

If you are promoting affiliate products, then be sure they fully stand behind their product (money back guarantee) before you decide to promote them.

If you are promoting your own products, likewise, offer a full money back guarantee to overcome the risk objection.

In all truthfulness, very few people are likely to use it. However, simply having it there will usually be enough to make them much more likely to buy from you.

Another great way to address buyer risk, and increase conversion rates too, is to add Trust Badges to your site. Trust badges let your potential buyer know that your site is secure, thereby reassuring your customer that their personal information is safe.

They also let your potential buyer know that you’re a serious business owner, since you took the time to take measures to secure your customers personal information. They help strengthen your credibility.

Final Thoughts

The number one tip for overcoming sales barriers is to build trust with your potential customers.

Trust, more than anything else, is what determines your success online and offline.

To build this trust you must know your potential customers fears, their concerns and the problems they are facing.

Once you’ve established their main concerns and fears, then show in your sales copy how your product solves those.

After all is said and done, no matter how many “seals of approval” you place at your site or how professional your site may look, if your potential customer doesn’t trust you then it’s all for nothing.

Trust Badges and all the other things we’ve discussed in this article work well to build trust, but what it all comes down to in the end are the words you used in your sales copy.

And in all honesty, just being truthful here, the words you choose are determined by how much you truly care about your potential customer.

If you do not truly care about solving people’s problems and have their best interest at heart, it comes out in your copy by the language you use – or fail to use.

People are more perceptive and distrusting than ever before. If you want to overcome the sales barriers you’re going to encounter, then start by building relationships that build your business.

What do you do to build trust with your customers? (Reply in the comment section)

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