Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing Tips

When performed correctly, Social Media Marketing is capable of producing profitable results for your business. However, to ensure your time and effort isn’t wasted, you need to focus on doing those things that work – emphasis on ‘work’. There are many social media tools you can use for free, but the more effective solutions to market yourself on social media are well worth the investment.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to attract your ideal customer, build a responsive email list and increase brand loyalty with a relatively small budget. Keep this in mind as you read each of the following tips.

Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

1. Remarketing – One of the most important things you can do right now with social media is to retarget your audience. Remarketing means that you market to someone who already knows about you and has already visited your website or other online real estate.

If someone visits your website, is on your email list and is part of your communities, you can now target them in very special remarketing or retargeting advertisements using social media – like Facebook, for instance.

Remarketing on Facebook is as simple as installing a snippet of code on your website, and you reach visitors with an ad when they travel there.

2. Micro-Markets – Within every market there are micro-markets that you can target that will make a big impact on the overall market. Think of how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg first started with just building his community via Harvard.

The first Facebook users created a lot of buzz so that everyone in every school wanted to join, and then finally the general public. You might first focus on one group for your services or product, then move on to another by asking them to tell people about you.

3. Monitor Ad Performance – When you run ads, it’s important to keep monitoring them even once you think they’re working well. You never know when your cost per conversion can start going up.

At that time you should try to redo your ads to make them more competitive. However, do not forget to keep monitoring.

Create a schedule and stick to it so that you don’t miss anything when you get busy.

4. Hire a Copywriter – When you post ads, or memes, or Infographics or even a blurb, sometimes it can help to hire a copywriter to help you with the words. Getting the words right makes a huge difference in your marketing efforts.

Copywriting is a different skill from normal writing. Good copywriters can tap into the fears, desires and goals of your target market, thus increasing your chances of getting more click-throughs from your ad to your website.

5. Be Consistent – This might be the best tip of all in terms of what makes a huge difference in your social media marketing efforts.

Each social media platform has a different environment; some are more “buttoned up” than others, and some require more updates than others.

For instance, LinkedIn is a professional business site where like-minded professionals discuss business topics, people searching for new jobs, and businesses looking to hire them.

You wouldn’t necessarily want to post something there that was unrelated; like what Grandma made for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Something of this nature would be better suited for posting on Facebook.

Get to know each platform and act accordingly.


social media marketingThese social media marketing tips are a vital part of any successful marketing strategy.

Remarketing is a great way to reach people on social media after they have left your website.

Understanding how micro marketing works is another way to cause buzz in your business; getting people excited about it before they even become a part of your world.

The key is to be consistent and, when needed, hire help.

How did these Social Media Marketing tips help you?

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