You, me and everyone else online, work hard at getting more traffic coming to our sites. After all, traffic is the lifeblood of websites. Now, let me throw a wrench into the works and say this... Stop focusing on getting more traffic, instead... ask yourself this question: "Are my current site visitors reading my content?" [...]

Ever since content marketing exploded on the scene (around 1996), a slew of content marketing tools, e-books, and other assorted programs shortly followed. Obviously, and as is often the case... Most of these “tools” over-promised and under-delivered in regards to their stated outcomes. This ever happen to you - getting ripped off? Yeah, me too... [...]

Content Curation: Find great content, put it all together nice and neat and then post it to your blog. Kick your feet up on the desk, and take another sip of iced tea as you watch the traffic come flowing in. You’ve just created something great... I know how it feels! A blog post so [...]

Before you start out on your next copywriting project, it is vital that you understand what it is you hope to accomplish. Obviously, you already know that you want to get more traffic, increase opt-in subscribers and convert more sales. However, in order to do this, you must ensure that your copywriting will achieve these [...]

Content Marketing gets somewhat convoluted in most people's minds. "Is it marketing or is it content?", people ask me. It is both content and marketing, or marketing with content. For instance, if you create a well-written blog post that is for the purpose of informing others of the benefits (or pitfalls) of using product or [...]

The common ingredient in all successful websites is their ability to get more traffic. Traffic is the key element of all websites. Search engines, recommendations, and directories are very valuable traffic methods. This article will cover a few simple ideas to get more traffic to your site without pulling all your hair out...promise. Search engines [...]