Using Content Curation to Build Your Online Magazine

Content Curation

Using content curation to build your online magazine can be as easy as sharing items you find with your fans on Facebook or Twitter, and then commenting on your shares. However, content curation works best when you add substantial value to it. One great way to add value and create something truly original is to create you an online magazine site using curated content. [Read more...]

How To Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Income

affiliate marketing

Before you get started with affiliate marketing, use these “Affiliate Marketing 101″ tips. Obviously, I cannot possibly cover every aspect of this phenomenal income system, but I can give you enough of the basics so that you have a solid foundation on which to build. [Read more...]

How To Write Your Marketing Articles

marketing articles

Check the Internet and you’ll discover millions of searches for how to write  marketing articles.  Unfortunately, most of them are articles trying to sell you a piece of article marketing software.  For those who wish to write articles about marketing, there are several things you need to address in your article for it to be successful. [Read more...]

Stop Wasting Time Split Testing


Over the course of all your marketing efforts, how much time do you think you’ve wasted split testing? Hours? Weeks? Months or perhaps even years? Chances are, no matter how long you’ve been split testing, you have wasted way much more time than is necessary. [Read more...]

Denise Griffitts Interviews Content Marketing Strategist James Artre

Denise Griffitts

Virtual Assistance Industry expert, Denise Griffitts, interviewed me as a guest on her talk show “Your Partner in Success“.  We discussed the importance of having a success paradigm, as well as other interesting bits of information on attitudes, entrepreneurship and life in general.  It was the first time in a very long time that I have granted an interview, so be sure and listen to the replay of this broadcast while it’s still available… [Read more...]