How to Write Meta Descriptions That Get Clicked


When you write meta descriptions for your posts, how much time and effort are you investing? Although Google states that meta tags don’t affect how high your content appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), they do determine whether or not your audience clicks-through to your post. Obviously, the more people who click through, […]

Increase Click-Through Rates Without Using Clickbait Headlines

Increase Click-Through Rates

You’ve seen these hyperbolic headlines used on major news websites. Clickbait headlines and titles seem to have become the norm. Some marketers tout their ability to increase Click-Through Rates (CTR), but more people are expressing their displeasure with them. In fact, due to the high usage of these types of headlines, people are starting to […]

Creating Audience Personas to Reach Your Target Market

Creating Audience Personas to Reach Your Target Market

Creating Audience Personas can help you reach your target market by gaining insights about your audience on matters of segmentation: where to focus your time, which products to develop, how to write copy, marketing messages and more. It’s right up there with some of the other top content marketing strategies you can perform, when you […]

Top 10 Most Common Writing Mistakes People Make

most common writing mistakes

Some of the Most Common Writing Mistakes are easy to make – even some of the best writers make them. Even if you proofread religiously, you’re likely to miss something. These mistakes can be both embarrassing and costly. Think about it: what is your first impression when you read marketing materials with common mistakes that […]

Top 4 Sales Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Building trust to increase sales

sales barriers

Sales barriers are anything that stand between your customer and their decision to buy your product. They are very real and are often difficult to determine, and therefore difficult to overcome. When you are writing sales copy for a particular product or service, we all know the importance of emphasizing the benefits our customer will […]