Target Market Research: Tracking Your Changing Market

Now that you’ve conducted your target market research and created a profile of potential consumers, you are far from done. Market conditions and people’s buying habits are in a constant state of change, making research an ongoing process. If your message doesn’t keep up with the times, it can become irrelevant quickly. A product that was perfectly suited to your market a month ago may become ‘yesterday’s news’ the next.Continue Reading

Simple Content Creation Ideas: Repurposing Content

repurposing content

Repurposing content is perhaps the most simple content creation ideas available to you as a content writer. In fact, content marketers repurpose content virtually every day. In case you are unfamiliar with content repurposing, it simply means taking existing content and then re-writing it to create something original.

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Essential Market Research Every Blogger Should Know

essential market research

Market research is essential to your blogging success, because it gives you a picture of your target market so that you can create and grow your business to meet their needs. If you want to connect the right product and services to the right people, then you must know the needs and wants of the […]

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Produce More Content Using an Editorial Calendar

editorial calender

If there is one thing that all successful content marketers realize it is this: You absolutely must produce more content than the average person online. This can become very overwhelming at times. This is reason why content marketers resort to using an editorial calendar to create the vast amount of content they require – you […]

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10 Simple Ways To Increase Opt-in Subscribers Quickly

increase opt-in subscribers

Understanding different ways to increase opt-in subscribers is very important to your list building efforts. After all, lists are the very essence of marketing successfully online. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to build a large database of subscriber e-mail addresses. For one,

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Content Curation Best Practices: The Top 7

content curation best practices

Providing your target market with the exact information they are looking for; while also adding value to that content, is the gist of all content curation best practices. It is not that difficult a process to perform successfully, so long as you apply these top 7 methods…

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