Performing Search Engine Marketing the Right Way

Gain traffic and visibility from search engines

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can place your brand before thousands of people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer. Performed correctly, SEM will ensure that you attract your ideal readers and make more sales. In order to attract your ideal readers, you must create the type of high-quality and unique content that […]

Harnessing The Power of Abundance Thinking

How to receive what you believe

abundance thinking

There are two people living in each of us: The abundance thinking person and the scarcity thinking. The one who wins depends on the one you feed the most. Unfortunately, our world today seems possessed with all things negative, so it’s often the scarcity person in us who gets fed most. The more you feed […]

The Abundant Thinking Mind

Creating an attitude of gratitude

abundant thinking

The abundant thinking mind is a form of positive thinking, although it is more than just thinking positive thoughts. It’s about creating a mindset of positive values that allow you to perceive your life as one of abundance and not one of lack. Abundant thinking requires that you convert your current mindset of lack to […]